3 Jul 2010

The Old Post Office, Lisbane

I thought for a change I would blog about somewhere local, The Old Post Office in Lisbane. This gorgeous little place is only about 5 minutes drive from my little country cottage. It's an old post office but has been converted into a tea room and gift shop. It has so many original features like the thatched roof you can see in the picture above and the old-style fire places and low ceilings inside. They serve the most delicious home-made food, their jacket potatoes were the size of my head and I had a sampled a drool-worthy cinnamon scone!!

The gift shop was so stunning with a selection of to-die-for cards, journals, jewellery and cups. They had all those little "I just can't live without" items that you just have to have. I got a stunning journal with lined pages with a quote on the front:

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt before,
Sing as though no on can hear you
live as though heaven is on earth.
~ Souza 
I also snagged some notecards which was a set of 10 Roger La Borde note cards, five of which featured hedgehogs and the other 5 had owls so of course I had to have them!!

The seating area outside is just as lovely with as many flowers as you can imagine. All in all, it's a little gem in the middle of the countryside and if you're ever in Northern Ireland you have to visit!!

Delicate Eccentric


Lynne said...

Looks lovely - I could tell it was in Ireland!

Owlette said...

Thanks Lynne although if you've been here you'll know that not everywhere is as pretty!! Fortunately living in the countryside [as I do] it looks a lot nicer and has many more little quaint places than the towns or cities!