29 Jun 2010

Catkin Collection

It took me at least an hour to browse the intimate collection on the Catkin Collection website because everything was so beautiful I wasn't sure what pieces to share. I couldn't resist this gorgeous Owls Print by Hannah Waldron which is a limited edition piece of just 20! The colours are so unusual [my two favourite colours would be orange and yellow!] and it would make a beautiful centrepiece on a wall!

Sticking with the owl theme [oh how much I love owls!!!] are the Petit Collage notecards which are eco-friendly and come in the stunning keepsake box you seem them in above. There are 4 different cards; an owl, a rabbit, a squirrel and 2 blue birds. The set is a box of 20 cards and envelopes so you could even keep a couple to frame for a kiddies bedroom or to brighten a dark study!!

Last, but definitely not least, is this interesting and colourful porcelain wallpaper. While very pricey [at £120!] it saves a lot of work searching through antique stores for those vintage plates to create the effect. It's also a good replacement if you like the porcelain plate decor but have little hands [or feet!] in the area! It's made by a Dutch company called Studio Ditte who also make other interesting wallpapers which would be well suited to a feature wall.

Delicate Eccentric

28 Jun 2010

Moulin Roty

Being a regular Tumblr addict I come across some really pretty pictures of items that I would love but have no idea where they came from. This happened this morning when I came across this picture. I had to know... where was it from? Who had created this beautiful little set? A couple of Google searches later and I found Moulin Roty. They seem to strive to recreate our childhood memories, those vintage style toys you would love your children to have but can only find the same electronic [supposedly educational], beeping, noisy and mostly annoying piece of plastic. So I was very excited to look through their range and see none of those. Above you can see their Sewing Suitcase, although I felt it was more knitting and sewing, which has everything from a French knitting dolly right down to the thread and yarn. All the items come contained in the beautiful, sturdy, vintage-style suitcase and can be purchased for £35 from a range of suppliers including a beautiful store called Cottontails.

For the little man [or tomboy!] in your life they also have this Wooden Toolbox for £19. I saw this and the memories came flooding back from my own childhood as my younger sister had this exact set!! I remember her cutting branches with the saw [which is sharp enough so keep your eyes on any young ones using this!] and they do recommend that this set is not given to anyone younger than six. I think any child could have fun with either of these sets or with the others which include a Grand Family Tea Set [£42], a Patisserie Baking Set [£53], a Gardener's Gift Box [£51] and the Crockery Supper Set [£66]. Even if none of these are to your taste there are so many other little gems including kiddie's vintage-style writing desks and cuddly toys - there really is something for everyone!

Delicate Eccentric

26 Jun 2010


If money is no object then you'll definitely want to check out Nord. It's very clear that their inspiration comes from nature, whether it's animal prints or trees. The owl cushion [shown above] can be bought from Nordic Elements for a mere £87!! If only money were that free and easy in current times. I'm also rather endeered [oh the puns are flying now!] with this lovely stag bedding set

The pillow with the bedding set shows a short history of the animal in Danish, and English on the reverse. It will set you back £89 and is also available from Nordic Elements. Your conscience can also rest in peace as Nord, being as in love with the environment as they are, want to protect nature and choose organic and sustainable materials while not losing out on beauty or functionality.

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25 Jun 2010

Jurgen Lehl

These gorgeous hanging vases are made by Jurgen Lehl [via Happiness is...]. They make an unusual decoration for the wall as well as being highly practical.
According to Remodelista Daily
Tokyo-based Jurgen Lehl—a German who has lived in Japan for several decades—is a textile and fashion designer; he also offers a range of housewares under the Babaghuri line, including these Handblown Glass Vases suspended from rope that is handmade from the bark of the Japanese lime tree. The vases cost around $90 each, depending on design, and are available from Analogue Life.

Delicate Eccentric

22 Jun 2010

Kitchen Gardeners

Since having my daughter I've been even more eco-friendly than I was before. I like to think that any little bit I can do is protecting the planet for her lifetime, not just my own. I had a great week this week, in that, both my pepper [capsicum] plant and strawberry plant grew their first fruit/vegetable!! I imagined that these two plants sitting on my kitchen windowsill would be brown and dried by now but I've been very good in keeping them watered, particularly recently when there has been a bit of a heatwave, and cleared of dead leaves. 

The Kitchen Gardeners have a great website to help turn your kitchen [balcony, small garden... whatever area you're working with!] into an Eco-Friendly Goddess' dream! Their challenge is to "Feed more people healthier food while preserving and enhancing the health of the planet". They're non-profit and have loads of information to help you on your way as well as forums, groups and blogs to tell you everything you needed to know! They don't stop there, when you have grown your own produce they also have a myriad of recipes so you know what to do with them!

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that it's Recycle Week [21st - 27th June] and it's the perfect opportunity to clear out your cupboard, the shed or attic and give any old, broken or unwanted small electricals the chance to be useful again.

Three out of every four of us have at least one old or unused electrical item in our home which could be recycled to help save precious resources.  Many of these items contain important plastics and metals that can be recycled to make new products.  For example, just one toaster can provide enough steel to make 25 new cans.

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17 Jun 2010

Pretty Ditty

Jamie Christina, of Pretty Ditty, is obscenely talented and not only sells dresses [like the one shown above] but also aprons in a similar style - think 1950's housewife. She also has a number of tutorials and sewing patterns for you to make your own but why bother when you can get someone as talented as Jamie to custom make you one! Jamie also sells capelets, hooded scarves and cute, retro peg dolls!

Delicate Eccentric

QFD Creative

One thing I have a massive problem with in my beautiful little country cottage is storage. I don't think it helps that I have a 15 month old daughter! There always seems to be a lone sock or ball of yarn lying out of place or being trailed behind a pair of toddler's legs. Although I have come to accept that this is part of my life now I would so love to have one of those homes that is perfectly organised no matter what, that if someone turned up unexpectedly, I wouldn't be blushing and casually trying to kick the pile of papers under the sofa.

Coming across this stunning little stationary storage pattern may well help! It won't solve all my earthly problems, but then... what will? This is definitely one to sit down and make. Aside from the beautiful choice of fabrics it's approximately 47cm X 24.5cm [when open] which means it's big enough that you could find multiple uses for it!

To check out this pattern, and many others, along with other tutorials, shopping and inspiration visit QFD Creative.

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16 Jun 2010

Blog Lovin'

This is a great little site that allows you to find other blogs that could interest you as well as helping you gain more traffic for your own blog!

Follow my blog with bloglovin

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The Haby Goddess

Among the gorgeous items in this online haberdashery shop, The Haby Goddess, are the Sweetie Petite Sew Kits. There are 4 different dolls, each with their own little friend, and they come with everything needed to make them. I'm also totally in love with the Be Be Bold Lunch Box Bag Kits [shown below].

Although they're advertised as "For Your Little One" I'm sure there are many mamas [myself included!!] who would fight their offspring for these beautiful lunch bags!
As well as the "kits" there are also many of the items you would expect to find in a haberdashery like buttons, yarn, fabric, transfers and some lovely hand-made bias binding.

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