20 May 2010

Origami Jewellery

I know what you're thinking.... it looks like real origami, doesn't it? I think anyone would be bowled over by this innovative idea. Origami Jewellery have, for your viewing and/or buying pleasure, a number of different designs showing a wolf/dog necklace [as shown above] the ever popular "crane" design, a pegasus, a rabbit and a stag amongst others. Their newest line even includes colour, as shown below on the stag.

Delicate Eccentric

14 May 2010

Me Me Me

I haven't seen such simple, effective, beautiful jewellery in a long time. Fortunately, today, I stumbled across Me Me Me who make jewellery using porcelain on a sterling silver chain. The range covers bunnies, birds, wings, bows as well as the odd skull and dolls arm for those looking for something a little edgier. They carry brooches, earrings and necklaces but it's the necklaces that I have really fallen for. I am 100% in love with the bird necklace which comes in brown, blue pink or white and also has a star or heart dangling delicately below it.

Delicate Eccentric

Little Pink House

Little Pink House is a beautiful little shop on Etsy where Melissa Crowe creates these darling hand-made embroidered pictures. Each one is customised and made to the specifications of the buyer. Featured above is "Tavi's Forest" made for a little boy's room in Switzerland. Melissa calls her pictures "feltscapes" because they are all created from felt. The amount of time and effort she goes to, to create these beauties doesn't even bear thinking about. The talent and detail, obvious in the feltscapes, of Melissa is one to only be dreamt of. I suggest you get over to her Etsy shop and grab one for your wall, pronto!!

Delicate Eccentric

11 May 2010

Urban Outfitters

There is no doubt that no matter who you are or where you've been there is something you like in Urban Outfitters. Although this quilt [like a lot of their items] is so expensive it would look so glorious on my bed... I can imagine walking into my room smiling seeing all those colours and patterns staring back at me. But, alas, it is not so. The fact that this is reversible makes it great because no matter what your mood you can flip it to how you feel, technically you could half the price and say that you got 2 quilts in 1! One side shows this beautiful leaf pattern and the other is a girly floral pattern.

I'm also totally in love with this vintage-style Victorian sewing box. The little compartments inside scream for you to fill them with trinkets and jewellery! If it were bigger I'd probably fill it with my plugs and tunnels... although in saying that they already live in a beautiful dark ebony box which I acquired in the sale in Pier!


And as if I could pass up the chance to show you some beautiful owls. They also have this stunning green [although it comes in pink too!] stuffed owl cushion. How anyone could resist a little patchwork 'Sofa Companion' is beyond me. The other owls are actually little trinket boxes... they are, however, not 'box' shape! They are little matryoshka owls, they appear to be crocheted or hand-crafted in some way but when you're not using them to store things, they just fit inside one another to store!

Delicate Eccentric

10 May 2010

Girl Of All Work

I came across these gorgeous journals on Girl Of All Work and was instantly reaching for my bank card until I realised I could never afford everything on the website! And there was no way to choose one thing. There are so many different designs, colours and stationary available I was totally overwhelmed just trying to narrow down the number of pictures to post! The gorgeous fabric covered thumbtacks or the folktale animal page flags... you will be left, mouth ajar and, with no money to eat anything other than beans on toast for a week... a month... possibly even a year!! I cannot tell you how beautiful everything on this website it. Definitely a must-see!!

Delicate Eccentric

Kiddliwink Kreations

I wonder if the birds would love teacups as much as I do? Well here's a chance to give it a go! These gorgeous teacup bird feeders are the creation of Kiddliwink Kreations. You can put bird seed or nuts around the saucer and water in the teacup for them to drink or bathe in! Not only that but what better way to brighten up your garden than with a pretty floral or vintage teacup. I don't know how anyone could not want one of these!!

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Anthropologie have this gorgeous "From The Deep side" octopus side plate for sale. There is a full range of this set and as you can see when the dinner plate is underneath the side plate it gives the illusion of a full octopus as the pattern has been reversed!
I have to say, my favourite piece from the set is the tea cup. The handle is the tentacle of an octopus with the continuation of the pattern both on the teacup itself and the saucer! Major [drooling] want! It's an octopus and teacup rolled into one.... eternal happiness!

Delicate Eccentric

9 May 2010

The Balcony Gardener

We now live in a day and age where regardless of where you live you can grow your own vegetables. I live in the country and yet, before you begin conjuring thoughts of rolling hills and fields, only have a tiny garden. I do, however, have a little strip which I'm growing a few potatoes, leeks, carrots and sweetcorn... that's if they grow!! Even if you live in an apartment you can still have a window box for tomatoes or strawberries.

I found this delightful little website, The Balcony Gardener, which can help you do just that. With eco-friendly bottle-adapter [shown above] to convert your old bottles into a watering can or with these gorgeous Sky Planters it doesn't matter how small your space, there's always a little room for greenery!

How could you not go eco after seeing those?!

Delicate Eccentric

Delicate Eccentric

Pastels, delicates, florals and kitsch... do they work... Of course! Here you will see the beautiful little gems that you didn't realise you couldn't live without until you saw them!

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