16 Aug 2010

Pick-Me-Up Monday!

The past couple of weeks I have been cross stitching! I have been a knitter and crocheter for years but never have I picked up cross stitch until now. I saw a magazine with a free kit, it was of a vintage tattoo swallow design, and I fell in love! I had to have it until I realised there was a second design which looked almost like a Cath Kidston style saying "Home Sweet Home" across it. Eventually I decided - I would just have to have both!

I cannot recommend cross stitching enough, not only is it calming and entertaining but you end up with some lovely little items when you're done!

I'm also really crushing on this Cat Bow plate from Urban Outfitters! It is beyond adorable!!

This week I've been listening to [repeatedly!] Lady Antebellum, such beautiful music which definitely appeals to my taste.

Hope you all feel "Picked Up" on this lovely Monday!!

Delicate Eccentric

13 Aug 2010

How About Orange...

In case you hadn't already realised, my favourite colour is orange. I really love burnt orange, it just makes you think of autumn and leaves, warmth and happiness. So what better blog to feature than How About Orange... which is written by a blogger, Jessica Jones, who also loves orange!!

It's primarily a crafty blog but features a little of everything, and anything orange! There are tutorials, from decorating to sewing, and fabulous little things to buy too!! She also manages to include a number of free downloads like jam labels!!

Her blog is a real all-rounder and, whether you like orange or not, I'm sure you'll love both her writing style and the amazing things she finds!

Delicate Eccentric

12 Aug 2010

Lost At Sea

I first noticed Lost At Sea on another blog [please don't ask me where because I'm stumped, it was a few weeks ago!] and was in awe of the amazing work they do. Their Etsy shop features so many little jewellery pieces including the Swallow Necklace featured above.

They hail from England [it's always nice to feature a British company!] and hand make all their items with a magnifying glass and tweezers so it's obvious the amount of work that goes in to some of the pieces. They carry both necklaces and pins/brooches but also at times sell cards and homewares. I am in love with the Mini Stag Silhouette Pin as I'm sure most of you are, I mean how could you resist!

They work with solid walnut and dyed wood veneers to create these little gems and are inspired by many things from vintage tattoos to the British countryside. Considering the obvious amount of work that goes into each of the items, especially the Anchor And Heart Patterned Brooch above, they are very reasonably priced!! I would suggest you all pop by and grab one while you can!!

Delicate Eccentric

9 Aug 2010

Can you believe how fast the week rolls round? Here we are again at another Pick-Me-Up Monday!! I'm just sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea, one of my favourite things in the world. You just can't beat a cup of tea, if your feeling ill, if you're sad, if you're relaxing... it doesn't matter a cup of tea always fits! I drink tea all day, it's even better when it's in a teacup or loose tea made with an infuser, oh there are just too many options!! 

I have talked about Patchwork Pottery's work on my Tumblr before because their items are delectable! They sell the cutest little teacup pouches with a zipper which says "Tea" on it!

How can you not love candles and lanterns?! They are so girlie and pretty and romantic! 

I love Megan Washington and this video is so incredible you can't help but be happy watching the intricacy of it!! 

Delicate Eccentric

7 Aug 2010

Daily Booth

Well this morning during a major bout of procrastinating I stumbled [literally stumbled from one website to the next accidentally!] upon DailyBooth. It's a newer site which seems to be taking the internet by storm! It challenges you to just take random pictures of yourself, anytime, anywhere. You can view others pictures on your "dashboard" from which you can watch a live feed as photos from all round the world flow in. My favourite feature [baring in mind I only discovered the site an hour ago!] is the map feature. It too is live and you find yourself flying across the world while you see each new uploaded photo from Florida, Germany, England, Japan.... Amazing!!

You can comment on other people's photos [even if you aren't "friends" with them] and there doesn't appear to be an age limit so you could see anything. 

I definitely feel this craze might be the next big thing so it might be worth familiarising yourself with it!!

If you join - you can follow me too if you wish - Just Click Here!

Delicate Eccentric

6 Aug 2010

Happiness Is...

Welcome to another Feature Friday and this week I'm featuring Happiness Is... which is written by the beautiful Shannon Eileen. I have been following her blog for a while and am always amazed at how much she blogs - if you want a regular blogger you have one in her! It's not just that she blogs a lot but that her blog is quality. It's not just posts and posts of drivel, but every one has me captivated. 

Happiness Is... blogger Shannon Eileen wearing the Bugle Boy Dress by Shabby Apple
Even with all the posts telling of wonderful things, with stunning pictures and magical music she still finds times to respond to nearly every comment [and she has a lot there!] and be personal. Each response is like that of a friend, even if you're new - it makes you feel welcomed, drawn into her little nest of happiness. 

One thing you can be sure of is that if you're having a bad day and need an injection of happiness, her blog is the place to be. The name says it all!!

Delicate Eccentric

3 Aug 2010


This morning I discovered Ruche who say they are "a modern boutique with a vintage touch" and they're not half wrong!! Their clothes are not only stunning but could be worn every day. Don't get me wrong I love looking through those stores with rails upon rails of cocktail dresses which are dripping with sparkles and gems but how often do we get to wear such things? That's what I love about Ruche, it's beautiful AND wearable! They also have sections for Eco-Friendly clothes and plus size too but my favourite section is the Shop Outfits section.

Each outfit is titled and it's easy to skim through the different styles, like the Gondola Getaway [shown at the top] or the 1920's Remix [shown above], and click to see every item worn - right down to the shoes and earrings!! How much easier could they make it? Their Summer Getaways section gives you a weekend getaway's worth of outfits to suit your style. Shown below is the Romantic Rendezvous collection, so feminine, girlie, light and airy it would almost make you want to book a trip just for the excuse to order it all!!

I couldn't even tell you my favourite item from this shop because there are far, far, too many to choose from. No doubt there is something for everyone, no matter what your style, their prices are reasonable and they ship worldwide!!

Delicate Eccentric

2 Aug 2010

Pick-Me-Up Monday!

I know for most people Monday is the worst day of the week, the weekend is gone and there is work to be done. It signals the end of another week, another one beginning. I decided Pick-Me-Up Monday is a nice way to start the week, pretty pictures, songs, ideas, thoughts and positive energy... well hopefully!!

I had a HARD weekend, I'm not going to rant and rave and go on about it, the short version is that I was hoping to announce to you all today that I was pregnant, until I started bleeding yesterday. So that was my rotten weekend, but today is another day and another week. If you want to talk to me more about it you can ask anything on formspring.

So onto thing that are happier and cheerier!!

The title of the above photo caught my eye, plus it's such an unusual photo! A song which has helped calm me this weekend, whether you have faith/beliefs or not, has been Hymn by Brooke Fraser. I heard it at the end of a TV show [don't ask me which one because I can't remember!!] and looked up the lyrics. The tune is so soulful I found it extremely uplifting.

And just to finish off, this is a picture I took of the stunning pink peonies I have sitting in my living room at present. I love how full the flowers are and the light pink, plus they are adorning my recycled bottles which makes it all the better!!

I hope you all feel better, or that you had such an amazing weekend that you're still buzzing!!

Delicate Eccentric