9 Aug 2010

Can you believe how fast the week rolls round? Here we are again at another Pick-Me-Up Monday!! I'm just sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea, one of my favourite things in the world. You just can't beat a cup of tea, if your feeling ill, if you're sad, if you're relaxing... it doesn't matter a cup of tea always fits! I drink tea all day, it's even better when it's in a teacup or loose tea made with an infuser, oh there are just too many options!! 

I have talked about Patchwork Pottery's work on my Tumblr before because their items are delectable! They sell the cutest little teacup pouches with a zipper which says "Tea" on it!

How can you not love candles and lanterns?! They are so girlie and pretty and romantic! 

I love Megan Washington and this video is so incredible you can't help but be happy watching the intricacy of it!! 

Delicate Eccentric


O. said...

love that photo with the lanterns

Delicate Eccentric said...

Isn't it adorable! It looks so romantic and summery! :]