2 Aug 2010

Pick-Me-Up Monday!

I know for most people Monday is the worst day of the week, the weekend is gone and there is work to be done. It signals the end of another week, another one beginning. I decided Pick-Me-Up Monday is a nice way to start the week, pretty pictures, songs, ideas, thoughts and positive energy... well hopefully!!

I had a HARD weekend, I'm not going to rant and rave and go on about it, the short version is that I was hoping to announce to you all today that I was pregnant, until I started bleeding yesterday. So that was my rotten weekend, but today is another day and another week. If you want to talk to me more about it you can ask anything on formspring.

So onto thing that are happier and cheerier!!

The title of the above photo caught my eye, plus it's such an unusual photo! A song which has helped calm me this weekend, whether you have faith/beliefs or not, has been Hymn by Brooke Fraser. I heard it at the end of a TV show [don't ask me which one because I can't remember!!] and looked up the lyrics. The tune is so soulful I found it extremely uplifting.

And just to finish off, this is a picture I took of the stunning pink peonies I have sitting in my living room at present. I love how full the flowers are and the light pink, plus they are adorning my recycled bottles which makes it all the better!!

I hope you all feel better, or that you had such an amazing weekend that you're still buzzing!!

Delicate Eccentric


O Arrow said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope it's getting better. Thanks for the pick me up, I love the flowers!

Owlette said...

Glad you enjoyed the flowers, I miscarried - hence the pick-me-up.