7 Aug 2010

Daily Booth

Well this morning during a major bout of procrastinating I stumbled [literally stumbled from one website to the next accidentally!] upon DailyBooth. It's a newer site which seems to be taking the internet by storm! It challenges you to just take random pictures of yourself, anytime, anywhere. You can view others pictures on your "dashboard" from which you can watch a live feed as photos from all round the world flow in. My favourite feature [baring in mind I only discovered the site an hour ago!] is the map feature. It too is live and you find yourself flying across the world while you see each new uploaded photo from Florida, Germany, England, Japan.... Amazing!!

You can comment on other people's photos [even if you aren't "friends" with them] and there doesn't appear to be an age limit so you could see anything. 

I definitely feel this craze might be the next big thing so it might be worth familiarising yourself with it!!

If you join - you can follow me too if you wish - Just Click Here!

Delicate Eccentric

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O Arrow said...

Fun! Going to check it out.