12 Aug 2010

Lost At Sea

I first noticed Lost At Sea on another blog [please don't ask me where because I'm stumped, it was a few weeks ago!] and was in awe of the amazing work they do. Their Etsy shop features so many little jewellery pieces including the Swallow Necklace featured above.

They hail from England [it's always nice to feature a British company!] and hand make all their items with a magnifying glass and tweezers so it's obvious the amount of work that goes in to some of the pieces. They carry both necklaces and pins/brooches but also at times sell cards and homewares. I am in love with the Mini Stag Silhouette Pin as I'm sure most of you are, I mean how could you resist!

They work with solid walnut and dyed wood veneers to create these little gems and are inspired by many things from vintage tattoos to the British countryside. Considering the obvious amount of work that goes into each of the items, especially the Anchor And Heart Patterned Brooch above, they are very reasonably priced!! I would suggest you all pop by and grab one while you can!!

Delicate Eccentric

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Isabella Kiss said...

love those! that sparrow is great!