3 Aug 2010


This morning I discovered Ruche who say they are "a modern boutique with a vintage touch" and they're not half wrong!! Their clothes are not only stunning but could be worn every day. Don't get me wrong I love looking through those stores with rails upon rails of cocktail dresses which are dripping with sparkles and gems but how often do we get to wear such things? That's what I love about Ruche, it's beautiful AND wearable! They also have sections for Eco-Friendly clothes and plus size too but my favourite section is the Shop Outfits section.

Each outfit is titled and it's easy to skim through the different styles, like the Gondola Getaway [shown at the top] or the 1920's Remix [shown above], and click to see every item worn - right down to the shoes and earrings!! How much easier could they make it? Their Summer Getaways section gives you a weekend getaway's worth of outfits to suit your style. Shown below is the Romantic Rendezvous collection, so feminine, girlie, light and airy it would almost make you want to book a trip just for the excuse to order it all!!

I couldn't even tell you my favourite item from this shop because there are far, far, too many to choose from. No doubt there is something for everyone, no matter what your style, their prices are reasonable and they ship worldwide!!

Delicate Eccentric


susannahbean said...

I love Ruche. I often find dresses from other websites for a cheaper amount on Ruche! I haven't bought anything from them yet. Do you know about these wesbites, too?

http://www.spottedmoth.com/ http://www.tulle4us.com/


O Arrow said...

Oooh, I want that sun hat!

steph said...

Thanks for the find! It certainly feels good to find clothes which are not only pretty but yes, wearable! sometimes, i see a pretty dress and am so tempted to buy but yet, i can't find the occasion to wear it and i find myself putting the dress back to the rack. It's frustrating! U agree?

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Owlette said...

Susannah those sites are brilliant! The shabby apple one didn't seem to be working so I couldn't see much though.

O Arrow the hat is so different isn't it!!

Stephanie I agree 100% there are some gorgeous dresses and outfits out there but unless you are a celeb being invited to red carpet events all the time when would you wear them!!!