9 May 2010

The Balcony Gardener

We now live in a day and age where regardless of where you live you can grow your own vegetables. I live in the country and yet, before you begin conjuring thoughts of rolling hills and fields, only have a tiny garden. I do, however, have a little strip which I'm growing a few potatoes, leeks, carrots and sweetcorn... that's if they grow!! Even if you live in an apartment you can still have a window box for tomatoes or strawberries.

I found this delightful little website, The Balcony Gardener, which can help you do just that. With eco-friendly bottle-adapter [shown above] to convert your old bottles into a watering can or with these gorgeous Sky Planters it doesn't matter how small your space, there's always a little room for greenery!

How could you not go eco after seeing those?!

Delicate Eccentric

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