11 May 2010

Urban Outfitters

There is no doubt that no matter who you are or where you've been there is something you like in Urban Outfitters. Although this quilt [like a lot of their items] is so expensive it would look so glorious on my bed... I can imagine walking into my room smiling seeing all those colours and patterns staring back at me. But, alas, it is not so. The fact that this is reversible makes it great because no matter what your mood you can flip it to how you feel, technically you could half the price and say that you got 2 quilts in 1! One side shows this beautiful leaf pattern and the other is a girly floral pattern.

I'm also totally in love with this vintage-style Victorian sewing box. The little compartments inside scream for you to fill them with trinkets and jewellery! If it were bigger I'd probably fill it with my plugs and tunnels... although in saying that they already live in a beautiful dark ebony box which I acquired in the sale in Pier!


And as if I could pass up the chance to show you some beautiful owls. They also have this stunning green [although it comes in pink too!] stuffed owl cushion. How anyone could resist a little patchwork 'Sofa Companion' is beyond me. The other owls are actually little trinket boxes... they are, however, not 'box' shape! They are little matryoshka owls, they appear to be crocheted or hand-crafted in some way but when you're not using them to store things, they just fit inside one another to store!

Delicate Eccentric

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