11 Jul 2010

Cross Stitcher Magazine

I'm sure many people are glued to their sofa at this current moment in time while the Netherlands play Spain in the World Cup Final. I have spent the match getting to grips with cross stitch. Although I taught myself to knit about 5 years ago and then how to crochet last year [how wonderful the tutorials are on the internet!!] I've never attempted cross stitch before. Browsing the craft magazines in one of my local shops the other day I saw this free kit with the Crossstitcher magazine [actually if I'm honest they were 2 kits and I had to have them both!]. The retro tattoo-style swallow was so cute and not too big I thought "I can do this!" and really I couldn't believe how easy it was - maybe my knitting/crochet brain helped! I'm enjoying it so much I can't put it down, I just want it finished so I can frame it. I have always been fond of quick projects - I think the instant gratification side of me craves it. The other kit is called "Home Sweet Home" by Angela Poole which is too adorable for words!!

As I type, Spain have just scored!! Yay.. okay so the only reason I have been supporting Spain [since England were knocked out] is because Fernando Torres [drools!!] plays for them!! He's as adorable as the cross stitch, well back to it I must go!

Delicate Eccentric

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