1 Jul 2010

Fred Flare

It would be very easy to spend all day [and night!] on Fred Flare as there are so many items to browse. The set of three Babushkup Nesting Glasses will only set you back a mere $20 and they fit inside each other the same way any nesting doll would! Not only are they adorably cute, they also save space and add a little colour to your life!

As if the glasses weren't cute enough you can also get this cutesy Nesting Doll tape [it also comes in a coloured grid design but how can you resist those little doll faces!]. At only $10 for over 75ft of tape imagine all the boxes you could tape up or if you're feeling really risqué you could give your bedroom a makeover with it!! So many uses, from making cards to using in a scrapbook, I'm sure the 75ft wouldn't last long in my hands!

I couldn't sign off without sharing this gorgeous beaded Zanzibar bib necklace which wouldn't fail to complete any outfit. With its stunning orange and turquoise beads, and ribbon tie, it's so feminine and yet definitely makes a statement. I can't imagine anyone wearing this out and not getting a head-swelling amount of compliments!

Delicate Eccentric


Zilliah said...

That necklace is AMAZING!

swapbot: zilliah

Owlette said...

Isn't it!! I love orange so the colour really appeals to me :]