23 Jul 2010

Feature Friday!

I read a lot of blogs, sometimes I have 50-100 new blogs posts to read every day! I feel so inspired by all the different backgrounds and places these people come from I thought I would pay my respects to them by featuring a different blog each Friday. Hence - Feature Friday!

This week I'm featuring Susannah Bean. This girl has a beautiful face, an eye for beautiful dresses, an articulate mind and a hand for making the most stunning hand-made items for sale in her Etsy store.

Susannah is so down to earth and grounded, she talks about her personal life in a way that makes you wish you could be part of it, to be on that fishing trip or at the Civil War day!! She's very open about her insecurities which, while all of us girls/women have them, we don't normally feel comfortable with but she does it in such a way that I feel empowered and stronger as a woman, that I'm not alone in how I feel.

I honestly think that Susannah is a beautiful person, inside and out, and I love reading her blog every day.

Delicate Eccentric

1 comment:

susannahbean said...

Oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much for your kind words, seriously this is such a compliment. <3<3<3!!!