13 Jul 2010

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is world renowned for her gorgeous floral fabrics, stunning home-wares and beautiful bags. What I didn't know [and maybe you won't either!] is she also has a lovely range of knitting and sewing accessories. The picture above shows the Small House Sewing Basket which is perfect for a child's storage or for some smaller pieces you might own. The interior is a pink polka dot and there is a compartmentalised tray inside to help keep things organised and it's a steal at just £35.

If this isn't to your taste maybe you'd prefer the Mini Dot Floral Sewing Tin which comes complete with 6 spools of thread and a paper needle case containing 8 needles! Not only that, it's also in the sale at the moment for just £10!! My mind is going crazy thinking of the million and one uses for that gorgeous tin!!!

Delicate Eccentric


Mary Sue said...

I love her stuff!! So cute!

Owlette said...

Thanks Mary Sue! Glad you enjoyed. You have a gorgeous Etsy story btw!! :]

Claire said...

Cath Kidston rocks! Her shop is a happy place :)