24 Jul 2010

Blog Swap on Swap-Bot

I love swap-bot and this week I found this wonderful little swap created by ~TrainMama~ to swap blogs and give us a glimpse at others we may not have otherwise found!

The first blog I read was Olivia Arrow who is an extraordinary artist, so much so that I was looking at a gorgeous ATC of a Native American "Kickapoo" woman which I thought she had bought but had made herself! She also has some tasty looking vegetables that I would quite like a bite of!

Next up we have Jessica's blog called My Scrappy Corner which features so many stunning scrap book pages. My scrap book looks horrendous in comparison!! She has a real eye for colour and patterns and the photos she uses and beautiful as well!!

Alfie's blog - The Craft Pad - is more of a showcase for her amazingly professional products, I'm particularly interested in the Cookie Cutter Gift sets she was selling at the Bang! craft show. 

Vintage Terrace "2" is run by Coleen and she seems to be a girl after my own heart. In between her lovely crafts are flowers. Like most women, I love flowers especially lilys which there are plenty of!

Tallys Treasury does exactly what it says on the tin, not only is Tally fiercely articulate she is also scarily innovative with all the craft tutorials she posts. I could not stop reading and can't wait to finish this post so I can go back and add some more to my list!! Her girlie tshirt is just what I need, as were the cassette tape notebooks!! Want Want Want!

Yvonne's blog "A day in the life" gives you a glimpse into her world. It's a personal blog containing lots of different thoughts on her favourite books, movies and the fact her school  has it's own Wiki page!!

Lucky XIII Creations has a talented hand in every jar. Every post seems to feature a different craft which she's turned her hand to and successfully mastered!! Plus her little Totoro is so cute [Love Totoro!!].

Shelby blogs about her life as a mother... their Simply Crazy Life! It's very personal and very touching, plus her kids are totally adorable!!!

Any girl on the search for a perfect shoe gets my vote and right now my vote goes to Dissolved girl [who also has the same name, slightly different spelling, as my daughter!!]. I also love the gorgeous bag she made for a different swap!!

Another personal blog, this time by Sarah, as she makes her way towards every girls dream - her wedding day!! She shares her thoughts and ideas on her blog and I'm still drooling thinking about the cakes she posted!!!

I hope you all enjoy these lovely blogs!!

Delicate Eccentric


O Arrow said...

Wow, thank you for writing up my blog and for such nice words! I really appreciate it. Enjoying following your blog!

Owlette said...

Glad you enjoyed the read! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog :]

steph said...

Hi there :)

Greetings from Singapore! I'm "thewhimsicalworld" on Swap-Bot. Great post that you did on Blog Swap! And I cant believe that you have 50-100 new blogs to read every day. That's amazing. Likewise, I find many blogs very inspiring too.. not only do those blogs give me new topics to write about, but they make my day a better one whenever I feel down. Happy blogging babe! :)

"thewhimsicalworld" on Swap Bot

Owlette said...

Hi Steph, Glad you enjoyed my post - I'm down to 41 posts to go today!! I totally agree it definitely lifts my spirit, whether it's because I read about a cool crafting project or read something happy in someone's life :]

Tal said...

Thanks for the great post about all these other blogs. Love your description of me :) and I'm enjoying following some of these other links as well for people whose names I didn't get in the swap. This has led to a TON of new blog-reading all round.


WingedStrategos said...

Thanks for posting all these links. I can't wait to check them out.

I'm also WingedStrategos on swapbot.