16 Aug 2010

Pick-Me-Up Monday!

The past couple of weeks I have been cross stitching! I have been a knitter and crocheter for years but never have I picked up cross stitch until now. I saw a magazine with a free kit, it was of a vintage tattoo swallow design, and I fell in love! I had to have it until I realised there was a second design which looked almost like a Cath Kidston style saying "Home Sweet Home" across it. Eventually I decided - I would just have to have both!

I cannot recommend cross stitching enough, not only is it calming and entertaining but you end up with some lovely little items when you're done!

I'm also really crushing on this Cat Bow plate from Urban Outfitters! It is beyond adorable!!

This week I've been listening to [repeatedly!] Lady Antebellum, such beautiful music which definitely appeals to my taste.

Hope you all feel "Picked Up" on this lovely Monday!!

Delicate Eccentric


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I wish I could cross-stitch, knit, and crochet! I think I would probably love it :)

P.S. I'm giving away the Shabby Apple dress today if you want to enter! xo

Delicate Eccentric said...

Thanks for the headsup on the giveaway!! I know my chances of winning are small - you have so many loyal followers but hey you can't let that stop you!! Will definitely have to blog about it too!!

Cross-stitching is really easy! I just picked up a magazine with a free kit and it had all the instructions in it. Last night I designed and made a button with a cross-stitch teacup on it!! That's my 4th ever cross-stitch, so if I can do that then so can you!!!

susannahbean said...

I've been wanting to start cross-stitching lately! Those two patterns are AMAZING! What magazine did you find them in?


PS: I know you said my button was still working on your page, but I had to do a little more fiddling around, and now it seems that it isn't working... Just so you know!


cb said...

these are lovely! i used to cross stich when i was little but haven't picked it back up, instead i embroider and i must say the same thing...it is very calming!


blisschic said...

i agree that cross-stitching is an activity that's under-rated. i never fail to feel very accomplished after completing a "master piece" too.

Mary C. Nasser said...

Found you through the “All Kinds of Artists” Artist blog hop!
I am your newest blog follower. :)

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

Mary C. Nasser