17 Jun 2010

QFD Creative

One thing I have a massive problem with in my beautiful little country cottage is storage. I don't think it helps that I have a 15 month old daughter! There always seems to be a lone sock or ball of yarn lying out of place or being trailed behind a pair of toddler's legs. Although I have come to accept that this is part of my life now I would so love to have one of those homes that is perfectly organised no matter what, that if someone turned up unexpectedly, I wouldn't be blushing and casually trying to kick the pile of papers under the sofa.

Coming across this stunning little stationary storage pattern may well help! It won't solve all my earthly problems, but then... what will? This is definitely one to sit down and make. Aside from the beautiful choice of fabrics it's approximately 47cm X 24.5cm [when open] which means it's big enough that you could find multiple uses for it!

To check out this pattern, and many others, along with other tutorials, shopping and inspiration visit QFD Creative.

Delicate Eccentric

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