28 Jun 2010

Moulin Roty

Being a regular Tumblr addict I come across some really pretty pictures of items that I would love but have no idea where they came from. This happened this morning when I came across this picture. I had to know... where was it from? Who had created this beautiful little set? A couple of Google searches later and I found Moulin Roty. They seem to strive to recreate our childhood memories, those vintage style toys you would love your children to have but can only find the same electronic [supposedly educational], beeping, noisy and mostly annoying piece of plastic. So I was very excited to look through their range and see none of those. Above you can see their Sewing Suitcase, although I felt it was more knitting and sewing, which has everything from a French knitting dolly right down to the thread and yarn. All the items come contained in the beautiful, sturdy, vintage-style suitcase and can be purchased for £35 from a range of suppliers including a beautiful store called Cottontails.

For the little man [or tomboy!] in your life they also have this Wooden Toolbox for £19. I saw this and the memories came flooding back from my own childhood as my younger sister had this exact set!! I remember her cutting branches with the saw [which is sharp enough so keep your eyes on any young ones using this!] and they do recommend that this set is not given to anyone younger than six. I think any child could have fun with either of these sets or with the others which include a Grand Family Tea Set [£42], a Patisserie Baking Set [£53], a Gardener's Gift Box [£51] and the Crockery Supper Set [£66]. Even if none of these are to your taste there are so many other little gems including kiddie's vintage-style writing desks and cuddly toys - there really is something for everyone!

Delicate Eccentric

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